Brokering expat-owned cars

Brokering expat-owned cars

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Expat-to-Expat links expats leaving Kenya and who are selling a car to expats arriving in Kenya who would like to buy the very same type of car. There is a win-win situation, where our clients understand and appreciate the value of buying a well maintained expat owned car, and where expats who are selling their car receive a fair and decent price for it. Expat-to-Expat plays an independent, facilitative role, by assessing the technical condition of such cars and providing the full details to the potential buyers, and coordinating viewing of cars where needed.

Benefits for the leaving/ selling expat:

  • Arriving expats are willing to pay a fair price for your well maintained car*
  • There is no need to sell your car in a rush, avoiding getting a lower price for it - we can help you sell your car even after you have left Kenya

You don't have to worry about selling your car, nor go through the involving process of showing it to many (remotely interested) potential buyers, while you are already busy enough at work, finalizing your projects and doing proper handovers. If you wish, you can keep using your car until you leave Kenya. You can leave your car and/or car documents with friends you trust, while we continue to market it for you, or we can organise your airport drop-off combined with the recovery of your vehicle and will deliver it to the safe haven of your choice. Alternatively, we can store it securely for you, against a monthly fee and provided the car is on full insurance cover. We will take care of all the paper work required, including closure on your insurance policy (refunds to be pre/negotiated with your insurer).

Benefits for the arriving expat/ buying expat:

  • Get a properly maintained* second-hand car, while avoiding the headaches of buying a car locally
  • You can start using your car within days of your arrival
  • Expat-to-Expat takes care of the paper work
  • Expat-to-Expat car organize for you a rental car at reasonable rates, for the first few days you are in country
  • Expat-to-Expat can organize for you to have necessary modifications or replacements on the car done before you arrive
  • Expat-to-Expat can advise you on reliable insurance companies
  • Expat-to-Expat can organise your airport pick-up

FORM: I want to buy a brokered car

FORM: I want to sell my car

*Cars we consider for inclusion in our programme undergo a thorough Technical Assessment (TA) by an independent expert. Only if the car is found to be in good condition it can be accepted in our programme.


We charge a consultancy fee to the selling as well as the buying party on a no-cure-no-pay basis for our marketing channel, car scouting, technical assessments, brokering and other potential services.

Selling/leaving expat

  • 5% of the selling price, no-cure-no-pay, with a minimum of 40,000 Kshs.

If you wish to market your car using Expat-to-Expat’s services and network among expats in Kenya and expats arriving in Kenya in the weeks to come, we demand to have the car technically assessed by an independent expert(1). If the car is found to be in good condition, we will ask you to allow us to exclusively market it among our network of (arriving) expats. In case the car is not sold through our network within reasonable time, we will send you the full evaluation report of the technical assessment (TA) as a courtesy – no fees are charged.

Additional/ optional:

  • Airport pick-up of your car and cleaning: 5,000 Kshs
  • Extreme clean of your car inside out: 7,500 Kshs [ Whereby seats are removed, etc. Car is made to be as clean as possible. ]
  • Securely storing you car: 5,000 Kshs per month [ Though the car is parked at a security firm, the car still needs to remain fully insured for theft and test driving it; storages includes regularly cleaning and starting the car ]
  • Temporary tracking device on your car: 7,500 Kshs per month [ whereby we share with you the details to track your car while you are abroad ]
  • If applicable, banking charges(2)

Buying/arriving expat

  • 40,000 Kshs for successful buyers only

Fee includes intake and other communication with the clients, our advice, presentation of options, and arrangement of viewing and test-drive. This also covers the cost of all pre-selection we do; we technically assess every car that is offered to us for brokering, and quite a few (currently 1/3) fail our assessment.

Additional/ optional:

  • If we have scouted a car for you, specifically on your demand, we ask you to pay the cost for the TA and reporting (7,500 Kshs). No TA will be done or cost made without first consulting you.
  • For brokering of duty free cars Expat-to-Expat forwards an extra consultancy charge of 20,000 Ksh for the follow-up on Duty Free cars (the whole process of paying duty or re-registering the car duty free into the new owner/institutes name). This does not include the clearing agency fees (18,000 Ksh) and the actual KRA duty and registration charges [estimated at 8,000 Ksh but dependent on the model], which will also be forwarded to the buying customer in a statement of expenses (with all receipts attached).

(1) Cars we consider for inclusion in our programme undergo a thorough Technical Assessment (TA) by an independent expert. Only if the car is found to be in good condition it can be accepted in our programme.

(2) Our preferred mode of payment for the vehicles we broker is off-shore: from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account off-shore. If payments are made locally we advise to use direct wires (within the same bank or RTGS to another bank) or else bankers cheques (500-1000 Kshs in most banks), but have them verified by your bank first as even bankers cheques in Kenya can be forged. NB. Do never except an ordinary cheque for your car, as in Kenya they can still be cancelled by the paying party at any time.
If necessary we can assist with transactions through our accounts (in Kenya, USA and Europe) but we will charge costs plus an extra admin fee of 1.5% of the transacted amount, with a minimum of 100 USD. Note however that we usually get a 5% better exchange rate from our bank (when transacting large amounts) than the rate obtained by an individual (without bank account) wiring funds to a bank in Kenya.


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Brokering expat-owned cars

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