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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 10:17

We Have Moved!!

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We have Moved!!!

We are pleased to announced that we have moved!! We are now conveniently located in Runda, close to the UN, several embassies and diplomatic agencies.

We are still offering our services:

Rentals – our fleet of rental cars is properly insured for self-drive rentals and well maintained. We have small city cars, mid-size SUVs and larger safari cars to serve our generally expat clientele.

Imports – We provide car importation services for expats living or arriving in Kenya, who prefer to import newer, cleaner units duty free and/or duty paid. We source the right unit for you from various countries depending on your choice of model. We are involved in the whole process from helping you select the right car until its cleared and it is registered in your name. Where duty free import is involved we work closely with your admin/protocol office.

Brokering – We provide the link between expats who want to buys and those who are selling their cars, mostly when they are leaving and closing their bank accounts . NB. We are not a dealership, we only broker; which means we do not own the cars we broker. We act as independent intermediary having both the seller’s and the buyer’s interests in mind.

Relocations – Expat-to-Expat has designed a house search and settling service for newly arriving expats that will help them to get connected to Kenyan professionals in the housing market, to get a good house, in a nice neighborhood, with a good rental agreement, in a very time efficient way. We have various packages available from orientation tours, assisted house search (where you do part yourself) to the full house search package. We also have optional services such as, school advice for your children, cultural awareness and adjustment classes.

We look forward to serving you and if you’re in the area feel free to stop by and say hi

Our Phone number remains 0706442548

Send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Monday, 17 March 2014 09:32

InterHealth Centre Nairobi

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Expat-to-Expat usually doesn’t advertise service providers or businesses, but this time around we believe we should not keep this to ourselves, but allow you to directly benefit from what this centre has to offer. We think it provides essential services for relocating expats as well.

Therefore, we wish to introduce to you InterHealth centre, Lavington (just behind Valley Arcade), Nairobi:
a health care centre specialised in offering care services to expats. They offer a wide variety of services that include travel health consultations, GP services, childhood and travel vaccinations, counselling, specialised health kits and trainings.

Appointments & Services Nairobi, Kenya

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 06:13

Moving to the Green City in the Sun: Nairobi

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Many people who are planning to move to Nairobi know Kenya as a great tourist destination. However, Kenya is more than that. With a population of around 3 million people, Nairobi is among the largest cities in Africa and one of the most important cities in Africa financially and economically.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 08:48

Internet in Nairobi: Value for money

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Getting an internet connection in Nairobi is not a problem. But getting the right provider, at the right time and the right place is no peanuts. Since we often get questions about it, we thought it would be useful to develop a short survey about internet experiences in Nairobi. Here are the results:

Providers in a nutshell
We've received feedback through our questionnaire (thanks!) about 6 internet service providers: Access Kenya, Africa Online, Faiba, Orange, Safaricom and Zuku.

Posted by Expat-to-Expat, on behalf of our guest blog writer: Amy L. Rapp.
Thanks, Amy, for your very useful contribution!


"Many people arrive in Nairobi and shortly after their embassy or company's security briefing they have a knee jerk reaction and run out to get a big dog. Frequently they do not think about anything but getting a big, scary looking dog!

Posted by Expat-to-Expat on behalf of Mera

"I contacted Expat-to-Expat when I was preparing to leave Kenya, after a colleague had used their services upon arrival in Nairobi and gave a very strong recommendation. I was looking to sell a high-end SUV and having trouble finding a serious buyer using regular market channels (posters at the shopping centers, etc).

Thursday, 24 May 2012 06:49

Why I imported a car

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Many expats come to Kenya for a couple of years for work, anticipating an adventurous lifestyle with regular safaris over the weekends to admire Africa’s wildlife. Others are planning to build a new business in booming Nairobi and again others have been around for a while, and are not planning to leave the country any time soon…. All these people are likely to at some point be looking to buy a car.

Monday, 30 January 2012 06:11

A day out with your children in Nairobi

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Mid-term is around the corner!
Below is a list of activities and short trips, enough ideas to consider for a morning or afternoon of fun. Feel free to leave suggestions using the comment field below.


  • Jolly Roger Theme Park
    Playground, bouncing castles, small restaurant/ bar - relax with a drink while your children play. Location: Next to Mamba Village Langata North Road, Karen Estate
  • Amani ya Juu (website)
    Playground for the youngest, small restaurant/ bar - relax with a drink, snack or light lunch in the quiet garden while your children play. Nice souvenirs/ small presents for sale in the Amani ya juu shop. Location: Junction Riverside Drive/ Kileleshwa ring road, next to Prime Bank, Kileleshwa Estate
  • Splash Water World
    Swimming pool. Location: Langata Road, next to Carnivore Restaurant
Thursday, 29 December 2011 11:18

Kenya car ordeals

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- Buying a car in Kenya -

If you have been an expat in Kenya and you drive your own car, you may have experienced the hassle of having to find a car from one of the car bazaars or sale yards, e.g. along Ngong Road. If on top of that you are also a Mzungu(1) and even if you know something about cars, you may still have felt treated like a complete idiot. In my experience – even when showing off with my modest knowledge of cars – the bottom price a sales persons would quote for me, always turns out to be 100-200,000 Kshs higher than when my Kenyan friends inquire about the very same car. The irony is that even my Kenyan friends are never sure if they are being ripped off.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 13:06

Pay for a car, get junk and a bonus beer instead

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- Kenya is a free land -

Kenya’s capital offered opportunity and adventure – two things sadly lacking in Sussex. Fresh off the boat in Nairobi I borrowed a friend of a friends car to get about – a beaten up old Mitsubishi, a bit like driving a rusty tin can on four oversized wheels.

Keen to have something a bit safer to get around in, I started shopping for a car. I wanted a 4X4 – but found them criminally overpriced everywhere I went. I then dropped into a seemingly reputable land rover garage in Karen – which marketed itself as an official dealer and specialist in 4X4’s. The manager was polite and seemingly reputable and recommended I take the 2004 FreeLander for sale for Ksh700,000. The car was relatively young and they had a full servicing history which I took a copy of. I test drove it – had someone look under the bonnet, checked the chassis numbers etc and then parted with my hard earned cash in good faith.

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