Corporate relocation

Corporate relocation

Expat-to-Expat advises international companies and organizations about cost implications (office rental, work permit regulations and costs, local staff remuneration level, utility costs) as well as circumstantial factors such as security and global connectedness of having an international office based in Nairobi, Kenya. An implication assessment gives a picture of the costs, difficulties and opportunities of a Nairobi based office.

Secondly, Expat-to-Expat assists international companies and organizations in making expatriate assignments a success. Considering the high costs involved in relocation of employees and their families to another country, it is of utmost importance that expatriate assignments are optimized and supported at all levels, to increase success of the assignment and ensure the investment in relocation pays off.

Expat-to-Expat helps minimize the risk of what is sometimes, though not always correctly, referred to as “expat failure”: due to dissatisfaction and/or inability of the expatriate, or of the spouse and family to adjust to the new circumstances, the expat is underperforming as a result of stress experienced in the personal and family atmosphere, and in the extreme case premature return of the expatriate family to the home country is the result. We believe this risk can be reduced significantly through our reliable services and personalized information provision that ensure quick settling-in and building of a new social network by the client. Our relocation services are described in the section of our website.

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