Obtaining official documents through local authorities in many cases means complicated administrative procedures in an environment where information provision about these procedures is minimal, and where you require a good network and a lot of patience to succeed.
Expat-to-Expat can assist you by referring you to local advisers and consultants, who offer services taking the hassle of legal documents application* from you by delivering door to door assistance. Not only can you get help with immigration documents (visas, permits, Kenyan citizenship and passport), but also with getting the Kenyan birth certificate of your child in case he/she is born in Kenya, validation of that document with the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (often required for application for other immigration documents) and Kenyan driving licence.
We offer assistance with application for amongst others:
•    Work permits (Class D)
•    Investors permits (Class G)
•    Settlement passes (Class K)
•    Dependant passes
•    Special professional passes (Short term employment – not more than 3months)
•    Kenyan permanent residency
•    Kenyan citizenship
•    Visa renewals
•    Kenya passport attainment
•    Birth certificate and validation
•    Kenyan driving licence
•    Business registration

NB: Processing time and final approval of any permit or pass you applied for lies with the Kenyan authorities.
Expat-to-Expat can advise you where to take precautionary measures to allow for any delays or rejections.

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