08 Jun

Can you trust the mileage on your second hand car?

Posted by Expat-to-Expat on behalf of Mera

"I contacted Expat-to-Expat when I was preparing to leave Kenya, after a colleague had used their services upon arrival in Nairobi and gave a very strong recommendation. I was looking to sell a high-end SUV and having trouble finding a serious buyer using regular market channels (posters at the shopping centers, etc).

One of the major obstacles was that when I imported my car to Kenya, I had refused "suggestions" at the port to roll back the odometer to give the car the appearance of being less used than it was. I was much happier having an accurate reading, but when it came time to sell my car I was competing against sellers with the same make and model buy only HALF the mileage reading on the odometer! Joep was very clear that he would not agree to sell a car which had the mileage rolled back, and was also clear about warning new clients against believing the odometer readings on used cars in Kenya.

In summary, Joep was both knowledgable about the market and highly ethical in the way he runs his business. For anyone newly arrived to Kenya, I believe Expat-to-Expat would be a fantastic conduit into your new home. For those (sadly) leaving Kenya, this firm can be trusted to handle any sales or closing affairs in a fully accountable, fair and transparent manner."

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