We can help you import the vehicle of your choice from Japan or the UK to Kenya. Our services are all-inclusive, meaning we also arrange registration of the vehicle for you, and will deliver to you the car in Nairobi, ready for immediate use. While you are still waiting for your own imported car, we can help you with a temporary vehicle.
Note that to register a duty free car we have to work with your employer’s administration departement, as certain forms can only be applied for by your employer or need to be endorsed with stamps from your office.

FORM: I want to import a car


We give our clients full disclosure of the costs involved in the importation of their cars and the margin we will charge in the process. The largest parts of the cost are: the purchase price overseas; and the duty to be paid in Kenya. On top of this there are some handling costs in Mombasa and for moving the vehicle from Mombasa to Nairobi. Expat-to-Expat will take a small margin (% of the overall costs) as a reward for our expertise and time we invest in this transaction. Contact Expat-to-Expat to get more details.

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