Companies & organizations

International companies and organizations, sending out employees for expatriate assignments, are usually faced with high human resources management costs; work permit application and costs, air tickets, international insurance cover, housing of the expat, and spouse and children if applicable, school fees for expat children and repatriation costs, to name a few. Expat-to-Expat not only assists expats arriving in Kenya at a personal level, to feel at home in Nairobi, and to optimize circumstances to ensure satisfactory performance of the employee, but also advises companies and organizations so they can get a picture of expat life in Nairobi, costs involved in international human resources management, and in having an operational office in Kenya.

As with our other services, in dealing with companies and organizations we adopt a client focused approach, which allows for tailor made advice and personalized information, through our frequent and direct interaction with our clients. Should you be interested in what we can do for your company or organization, kindly get in touch with us.

We respect privacy and promote safety by not disclosing your personal (contact) information to others outside Expat-to-Expat without your approval.

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