House search & Settling in

Expat-to-Expat can assist you with finding the right house in Nairobi. Our objective is to find you good quality accommodation in Nairobi, in the residential area of your choice, to help you settle in and start enjoying living in Nairobi as quickly as possible.

As a newcomer you have the disadvantage of not being familiar with the local housing market, and this can lead to very time-consuming house searches, disappointments and frustrations. On top of that, when you have just arrived in Nairobi you often have many other things to do apart from looking for housing and settling in: reporting to work, helping the children with starting off at a new school, and simply getting used to the new living environment and finding your bearing.

House Search and Settling in

The House Search and Settling in service helps you to find long term accommodation (i.e. >1 yr), while saving you a lot of time, disappointments and frustrations. The service includes:

We start off with introducing you to Nairobi. We provide you with the latest information on rental rates, types of housing, traffic dimensions, security, utilities and approximate costs, tv and internet providers present in the area of your choice and their packages and fees, and explain all about rental agreements and housing standards and technologies (paint work, plumbing, water heating systems, power and power backup systems, common problems found in houses and how to avoid these etc.).
Along with all the information comes the area orientation tour. We will try answer all additional questions related to housing you may have, and help you to select the best possible residential areas and type of house in your situation. At this point, you are well-prepared to look for housing.

House Search
Once you have a good idea of what Nairobi has to offer you and you have decided about what exactly it is you are looking for, we take the weight of the actual house search off your shoulders. We do all the preparatory work; getting in touch with agents, selecting options based on your preferences, previewing and assessing of houses. We carefully coordinate viewing of good house options, including transport arrangements, to help you save a lot of time. Do not underestimate the amount of time this requires!

Settling in
Once the house is yours we will also assist with getting tv and internet up, as well as help to transfer water and power bills to your name.

Additional/ optional services include professional move-in cleaning, as well coordination and management of services related to plumbing, electric, painting and carpentry.

We work with reliable, referred housing agents as well as directly with house owners, a network we have built over the years and that keeps on growing and changing according to the latest developments in Nairobi’s housing market. You can rest assured we will give you independent advice regarding rental agreements and security, and the quality and standards of the location. This is possible since we are not a real estate agency and don't receive commissions from house owners for finding them new tenants. 

Temporary accommodation

Our temporary accommodation service can arrange for you convenient temporary one, two or three bedroom, furnished accommodation with flexible tenancy period, in the area of your choice.
We highly recommend you to stay in a temporary apartment for the first few weeks/ months of your stay, from where you can start to look for a school for your children, a house and a car. Demand for housing is high, and it can takes several weeks, or sometimes even months, before you find the right house. Besides, in order to clear household goods at the border, your papers will need to be in order, and this can take some time. We always take care to recommend accommodation where rental terms and conditions are flexible, and where extending your stay or moving out is relatively easy. Contact us in time, then we can email you a few options and book a place for you even before you arrive in Nairobi, so you can move into your temporary place from day one.

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