Nairobi is home to a wide range of private pre-schools, primary and secondary (international) schools, quite a number of which are of high educational standard and are found to be good schools for their children by many expat parents. However, it is not easy to get good and the latest information about schools in Nairobi.

Expat-to-Expat offers an attractive short-cut to avoid the very involving search for a good school for your children: our independent educational advisor, with international experience in education and school management, can provide you with in-depth knowledge about schools available in Nairobi.

Our school advice package includes a meeting with our educational advisor, to get to know your wishes and needs regarding education for your child/ children. She can connect you with key persons in school management for an introduction to the school(s) you are interested in. If you prefer, our advisor can accompany you during such an orientation visit. A follow-up meeting can be arranged, in case you would appreciate feedback and reflection after having visited a few school options, in order to make a good decision.

Some of the school concerns covered:

  • school fees 
  • curriculum and academic focus (also with future education plans in mind)
  • admission, assessments and waiting lists 
  • school culture 
  • communication between the school and parents 
  • location and traffic 
  • religious profile 
  • security 
  • school policies

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Excellent service
Upon our arrival here in Nairobi, we used Expat-to-Expat to assist us in finding our new home. Ma...
Reliable and quick
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