What could my new neighbourhood look like?
Is traffic in Nairobi really as hectic as I was told?
Will I be able to avoid traffic jams on my way to work from this residential area?
Can my kids walk to school across the street, or would they join the school five blocks away and need transport?
What is the nearest petrol station?
Where can I get groceries in case I forgot to drive by a shopping centre on my way home from work?
Are good medical services nearby or a restaurant for a quick Saturday lunch?
And where do I go with my kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon?
Are there others who like to get together over weekends for short holidays outside Nairobi, mountain climbing or a fun football match?

When trying to get an idea of your new environment and to select a residential area you would wish to live for the next couple of years, a great number of questions will arise. We will help you answer these questions during our area orientation tour through Nairobi, and will give you as much information as you need to get an idea of your new home town.

We offer the area orientation tour for as a “pre-visit” tour, for those who wish to get an idea of Nairobi before actually moving to Nairobi, or before accepting the job offer at all. The area orientation tour offers a good general introduction to Nairobi for people who do not know Nairobi that well yet.

The area orientation is also part of the House Search and Settling in service we offer. It is a great starting point for our House Search and Settling in service, as residential areas and types of housing are covered during the tour as well.

For enquiries about our services, please do get in touch with us.

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Extremely happy
I was extremely happy with Joep and the team at Expat - to -Expat who made the complicated proces...
Excellent service
Upon our arrival here in Nairobi, we used Expat-to-Expat to assist us in finding our new home. Ma...
Reliable and quick
Expat-to-Expat were so helpful with getting the car as their advice always get to point and are t...
Area orientation
Area orientation

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