Would you like to get personal relocation advice from us, but you do not see the need to hand over all the work to us, or you do not have the budget for full fledged house search and settling in assistance? Then we may just have the right option for you: we provide a personal online help desk service to answer all kinds of practical questions you may have about moving to and living in Nairobi.

The service includes:
- unlimited email assistance - we answer your emails within 48hrs
- a one-hour skype call with our relocations consultant
- a one-hour face-to-face meeting once in Nairobi

We offer this service at a flat fee of 15,000 Kshs. You can consult us even before your actual move until one month after you have arrived in Kenya.

Discount on our other relocation packages
Should you later on decide to purchase one of our relocation packages anyway (i.e. Pre-visit area orientation, Housing information or House search and settling in - read more about what we can do for you on the House search and settling in page) the full Helpdesk fee of 15,000 Kshs will be the discount you get on the package fee.

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