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Feeling welcomed

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 11:41

Moving to Kenya has its share of challenges (even being a returning Kenyan!) when looking at locating a house, school for children and a car, among others. Normally new residents plan before hand depending on the nature of posting but acquiring some network or contacts to people for orientation purposes could come in handy.
We were looking to buy a car within a week’s time of arrival and happened to hear that Mr. Joep was the right person to contact. A week later we got a car to our liking and even managed to have most of the documentation done, including insurance. It was a relief to get the car so fast bearing in mind how long and cumbersome the procedure normally takes, not to mention a likely event of being conned.  Mr. Joep’s commitment is one of utter honesty and modesty, meeting him made our start much easier and we felt welcomed.
There are many agents and brokers out there that cannot be trusted which is why we decided to deal with Mr. Joep. The time he dedicates to his clients is well managed considering he’s also a father of three children.  He is very professional in his work, knowledgeable and at the same time has a pleasant personality.
At this juncture, we would like to thank Joep for helping us and we further wish him the best as he continues to make new residents feel at home. We can recommend using his car-broker and relocation services to the fullest to any newcomer.

Hanneke and Victor (September 29 2011)

Posted by Expat-to-Expat on behalf of Hanneke and Victor

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- Kenya is a free land -

Kenya’s capital offered opportunity and adventure – two things sadly lacking in Sussex. Fresh off the boat in Nairobi I borrowed a friend of a friends car to get about – a beaten up old Mitsubishi, a bit like driving a rusty tin can on four oversized wheels.

Keen to have something a bit safer to get around in, I started shopping for a car. I wanted a 4X4 – but found them criminally overpriced everywhere I went. I then dropped into a seemingly reputable land rover garage in Karen – which marketed itself as an official dealer and specialist in 4X4’s. The manager was polite and seemingly reputable and recommended I take the 2004 FreeLander for sale for Ksh700,000. The car was relatively young and they had a full servicing history which I took a copy of. I test drove it – had someone look under the bonnet, checked the chassis numbers etc and then parted with my hard earned cash in good faith.

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Car importation

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:08

We can help you import the vehicle of your choice from Japan or the UK to Kenya. Our services are all-inclusive, meaning we also arrange registration of the vehicle for you, and

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Brokering expat-owned cars

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:08

Expat-to-Expat links expats leaving Kenya and who are selling a car to expats arriving in Kenya who would like to buy the very same type of car.

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Arriving expats

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:01

Expat-to-Expat offers arriving expat a full relocation package that takes care of all major aspects of achieving comfortable and responsible living: knowing Nairobi, having good accommodation and a good school for your children, enjoying a new group of people around you and driving a reliable car to get around safely.

Our services are designed to suit your specific needs and wishes – we adjust our services to meet your objectives, based on outcomes of frequent interactions between you and Expat-to-Expat, via email, phone and in person. If you are interested to receive our relocation assistance, kindly do get in touch with us, so we can send you our intake form to get to know you and your needs and wishes a bit better. We prefer to start preparing for your arrival even before you have actually landed in Nairobi to ensure you get settled quickly. Besides, it may be interesting and reassuring to you to receive information about progress of your relocation preparations before you leave to Kenya.

We respect privacy and promote safety by not disclosing your personal (contact) information to others outside Expat-to-Expat without your approval.

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House search & Settling in

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:01

Expat-to-Expat can assist you with finding the right house in Nairobi. Our objective is to find you good quality accommodation in Nairobi, in the residential area of your choice, settle in and start enjoying living in Nairobi as quickly as possible.

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School advice

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:01

Nairobi is home to a wide range of private pre-schools, primary and secondary (international) schools, quite a number of which are of high educational standard and are found to be good schools for their children by many expat parents. However, it is not easy to get good and the latest information about schools in Nairobi.

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Area orientation

Monday, 19 December 2011 09:01

When trying to get an idea of your new environment and to select a residential area you would wish to live for the next couple of years, a great number of questions will arise. We will help you answer these questions during our area orientation tour through Nairobi, and will give you as much information as you need to get an idea of your new home town.

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